College Grants provide financial aid for students attending college and help with the cost of education including tuition fees, books, equipment, accommodation and living expenses.

Only a handful of students can afford the cost of a college education without the help of grants and financial aid. For those who can’t, college grants can help with paying tuition fees, for student textbooks, student accommodation and living expenses, study equipment and travel and transport whilst attending college. Although there are lots of  grants students can obtain to help with the cost of college, many do not know where to find them.

Our website aims to assist students finding grants for college. We have compiled a comprehensive site that has information about many different student grants. Best of all our site is completely free to use.

If you are not familiar with financial aid and grants, you will benefit from reading through our College Grants Guide on the left.

Grants are often categorized in to the following areas;

Subject Based Grants

College Grants based on Subject (Subject Specific)
You can find grants designed specifically for students pursuing particular or specific  fields of study. If you plan to major in a concentrated area of study, you could receive funding and additional financial aid through grant programs specifically designed for your academic major. See the list of Subject Specific College Grants .

Student Specific Grants

College Grants based on Student Type are available to different types of students. Many  programs are designed to support student’s with specific circumstances; students with particular disabilities, with low income, at-risk, adults and non traditional students. For more information take a look at the Student Specific College Grants section.

Minority College Grants

College Grants based on minority or ethnic status are accessible by students from minority populations including ethnic minority populations. Most minority student grants are designed for students to access education programs and aid access to post secondary, first and undergraduate degree level studies. Grants are available for all minorities including women, African Americans and Native Americans, Hispanics and Asians. See the Minority College Grants section for further details.

Government Funded College Grants

Federal and state government college grant programs aid the educational advancement of millions of low-income students every year. Financial aid from federal grants is readily accessible to financially needy students, and college grants are available from state funded programs too. For further details about government funded education student aid, visit the Government College Grants section.