Grants Available from the Georgia Department of Higher Education
Georgia resident college and university students often receive financial aid from the state government to complete a course of education on top of federal government grants and student aid packages.

The Georgia Student Finance Commission administers grants and other education funding programs and one of the prevailing grants comes from the Hope Program (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally). Up to 170,000 undergraduate students receive between $300 and $3,900 to attend Georgia colleges, universities and other higher education institutions through this program in addition to federal grants and financial aid, which without help would otherwise limit their access to higher education.

Leap into Education with up to $2,000 in Grants per Year

Georgia students who need financial assistance to attend an in-state college or university could receive a grant worth up to $2,000 for each year of academic study from the Georgia’s LEAP (Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership) Grant program. Grant money is distributed on a need-based basis to students who wish to attend an eligible public or private college/university or technical school program in Georgia that leads to an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate. Students can only receive this grant if they are in receipt of Pell grant funding, the amount of award is determined by the assessment of the students FAFSA application. You can apply for this grant by submitting a FAFSA , although some Georgia colleges could require you to complete a separate financial aid application.

Private College Grants for Georgia Residents

Grants are available to students who wish to attend a private college or university in Georgia through the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant Program (GTEG). This none need-based grant awards students up to $300 per semester if they are enrolled full-time at an eligible private college or university, although residents living near the state border attending an out-of-state public college can also receive the grant if the education institution is located within 50 miles of their home.

Students applying for this grant must legal residents of Georgia enrolled in an undergraduate student program that leads to a college degree. To apply for the GETG program, students can apply online or complete a printable TEG application available from the website.

Grants for Dependents of Law Enforcement Personnel

If you are a dependant of a law-enforcement officer fire fighter or prison guard who is permanently disabled or was killed in the line of duty you may be able to apply for a grant of $2000 per year for a maximum of 4-years towards an undergraduate degree. The Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Grant program is administered by the state and is only available to students who are legal residents of Georgia. It is not a need-based grant and applicants must be enrolled in a Georgia public or private college or university or public technical college as full-time undergraduate students seeking a college degree or technical certificate or diploma. To apply for this Georgia grant program students must complete the Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Grant Application, which is downloadable from the Georgia Student Commission website.

State Based Grants Provided by Alternative Sources

Engineering and Technology Grant

A little bit of money goes along way, and any help towards paying for college is always welcome. If you are a high school student expecting to enrol in engineering or a technology related program at freshman level a grant of $100 could be yours. The grant is provided by American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians and is available to students attending a two or four-year technical institution or college part-time of full-time. More information about this engineering / technical grant program can be obtained by emailing Mr. Tim Latham, General Manger